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The Case of the Missing keys

How to increase stress levels before you travel overseas!

Version #1:

The day may well have started off smoothly, calmly and happily, with clothes chosen, bags packed and everything in place for a timely departure. However, like the weather, things can change quite quickly. While out for lunch with a friend, I received a call from the other M, asking if I had accidently taken his car keys. NO, was my quick reply- thinking nothing of it, as M is prone to leave things lying around. Arriving home about 3 hours later, M was out, presumably with his best friend, having a final coffee and cake. 5 O'clock came and M arrived home, rattled, hot and bothered. He had gone in to work to drop papers off using public transport, because he could not find his car keys, nor could he find his house keys. That trip took a few hours when by car it would have taken less than an hour. What pursued could only be described as turning each room in the house upside down. Alas, no keys. We retraced out movements from the day before, hunted high and low, turned the car inside out, emptied our bins, looked in every conceivable corner and even resorted to thinking that our gorgeous little dog had taken the keys and buried them in the garden (in place of the socks she usually buries). 5 O'clock soon became 6 O'clock, then 7 o'clock and M was very agitated and unable to relax or focus on getting ready to leave. However, no plane waits for you! Time led to needing to get ready and go, while I was trying my best to encourage M to let go of the stress in the hope and knowledge that the keys would turn up eventually. The theory was that they are in the house somewhere and so they will be found sooner or later. Wind forward to 10pm. We have said our teary good-byes, M is at the airport, I come home and decide to start looking again, beginning with the trousers M had tried on to see what he would take. OMG!!!!! The second pair I pick up has deep pockets and in there are the 2 sets of keys we have just spent 7 hours stressing about and looking for.
I quickly text M in the hope he gets the message before the plane takes off, so that he can RELAX! Sure enough, my phone then rings, with M on the other end, laughing in disbelief.
The moral to the story is men tend to lose things and women tend to find the things they lose. Only wish I had looked through the clothes 6+ hours earlier!
All's well, that ends well.

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